University of South Wales Students' Union

Cheerleading & Dance

USW coyotes was founded in 2001, since then has been entirely ran by a committee of students elected each year.

We offer several different teams, including both cheer and dance.

Our main cheer team is a level 2 co-ed team, even having some stunt groups varying in levels 2-3 

Our dance teams consist of Hip-hop, lyrical and Pom.

*More information to come regarding in person training for this year and competing*

To join us you do not need any cheer or dance experience!!! We are open to everyone and anyone who studies at USW, we usually hold taster sessions during the first two weeks of fresher’s to give everyone the opportunity to have ago. Also, we welcome everyone with open arms and you will never feel left out with us, once you are part of the team you practically become family!!!


Cheerleading originated in 1877 from men who were formally known as yell squads, from here the popularity between men and women increased as this became more apparent as well as the introduction of paper Pom’s in the 1930’s. In the 1940’s the women involved took over from the men as they were being shipped off to war and in 1948 the National Cheerleaders Association was introduced. 1960, Vinyl poms replaced paper ones and cheerleaders kits were polyester. From 1980-1990, a dress code was introduced and stunting came about so people in the back of the crowd could see. All-star teams were then brought in as well as professional cheerleading so that teams could become the ‘best of the best’. In 2004 the first ever Worlds was introduced, taking place in Disneyland Florida and originally having only two divisions available, 3 years later and dance was then brought in with only having 4 divisions. 2008, international divisions were then available as the rising popularity of cheer and dance begun to spread worldwide. Now having 21 divisions available in cheer (2019), as well as the new level 7 being introduced. Dance now having 22 divisions available and ‘Kick’ being brought in, in 2019. Is now recognised by the Olympics as a sport and looking to be brought into the 2028 LA Olympic Games.




Mondays we train at RSD dates and times TBC

Saturday in Treforest Fitzone 10:15am-12:15pm



All dance practices take place in Treforest sports centre, in the main hall.

Monday – Hiphop 6-7pm

Friday – Lyrical 6-7pm

Friday - Pom 7-8:30pm

*Please note that all our teams are now fulfilled and will not be taking on anyone else*



Returning for 2021/2022, with restriction lifting competitons are now going back ahead and we hope to return to competing in 2022 for 3 main events: 

- Future Cheer uni nationals

- ICC uni nationals 

- DC12 cheer and dance competition 



  • BCA Spring Spirit
  • Open level 2 Co-ed 1st
  • International open Pom 2nd
  • International open Jazz 1st
  • International open Hiphop 2nd
  • Open Duet 1st


2021/2022 Committee:

President – Verity McClure

Cheer Captain – Rhiannon James 

Dance Captain – Sophie Weeks

Treasurer – Sophie Weeks

Fundraising/social Secretary – Jayden Cain 

Secretary – Rhiannon James 

Cheer and dance buddy – Lauren Waring 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, you can find us on:


For more information on Cheerleading and Dance please check out the following:

  • International All Star Federation
  • International Cheer Union
  • British Cheerleaders Association
  • Sportcheer Wales
  • RSD cheer and dance