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Welcome to The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC) Student Society! 

Our main focus is to bring chiro students at USW together, we are one of the biggest societies in the whole university and we look forward to a great 2022. It's £5 to join and will get you 5% off in Hoffi Coffi as well as exclusive access to key events over the next academic year.

Spring/Summer Ball 2022, Vote now to decide the date.. Voting Closes Friday 14th January 2022


Zoom guest speakers Oct/Nov 2021

All students will recieve an email to their student account a week before the talks are due to take place on zoom. We've decided to organise them online for everyones comfort and besides.. who dosent love to have a glass of wine in their PJ's whilst hearing an inspiring talk..?


Sam Ogilvie Back 2 Roots Tuesday 5th November 2021 @7pm GMT @samo_b2r


Sam is a movement focused chiropractor who does less cracky backy and more getting patients up and moving in creative fun ways. She is a wioc graduate and works with back to roots health helping clients 1-1 and in group settings to meet movement goals and become pain free.


Dr Conor Ward (Lions of chiropractic)  Tuesday 12th October 2021 @7pm GMT @lions_of_chiropractic

Dr Conor Ward is the Founder of Lions of chiropractic (follow on IG) and the Lead trainer for Halsa Care group chiropractic and physio-therapy. Graduated from AECC in 2008 Conor has been busy not only in the clinic but organising seminars for chiropractors for the last 5 years with amazing workshops and speakers.

 Dr Joe James Tilley Wednesday 20th October 2021 @7pm GMT @drtilley

Dr Tilley is a Chiropractor with a keen interest in igniting a health and wellbeing revolution. Being an all rounder as well as a chiropractor. His journey stared in a clinic setting but then went on to become the brains behind the core wellness centre that looks at movement and nutrition to deliver a package of eating, moving and thinking better.

Dr Luke Davies founder of Back 2 Roots Tuesday 26th October 2021 @7pm GMT @luke_b2r

Luke left London in 2015 to return to his roots in rural mid-wales to start practising healthcare in a way he could believe in - striking the balance between science and the arts, heavily underpinned by play. He founded Back 2 Roots health to help people reach movement goals with a fun twist and move our bodies as intended. A WIOC Alumni, he also lectures for the rehab modules at USW.

Rhys Shorney director of Back 2 Roots Tuesday 2nd November 2021 @7PM GMT @rhys_b2r

Rhys has a wealth of experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist in the NHS, elite sport and as a postgraduate sports physiotherapy lecturer. Rhys has looked after some of the worlds leading athletes at national, International, Commonwealth and Olympic level in a wide variety of sports.

Catherine Quinn BCA President Tuesday 9th November 2021 @7pm GMT @catherinequinn_

Catherine Quinn president of the British Chiropractic Association, the largest Chiropractic association in Europe. Sports Chiropractor at QPR Football Club and holding private practice at The Waldegrave Clinic (Teddington). Providing Musculoskeletal and spinal assessment, diagnostics and treatment. Previously Sports Chiropractor to New Zealand Rugby League, London Irish RFC and Harlequins RL; Sports Chiropractic Intern to Southampton Football Club.

Phoebe Henry founder of The Girl Factor Tuesday 16th November 2021 @7pm GMT @phoebs_chiro

The Girl Factor Founder + DJ, Chiro, S&C coach, outdoors enthusiast, ex-gymnast, hypermobile female, worst basketball player you’ll ever meet. Pheobe Henry helps women use their physiology to their advantage in sport. A self proclaimed injury management and physiology nerd she is helping girls and women get into sport and stay in sport.

Dr Ellen Halley Full spectrum doula/Strength coach Tuesday 23rd November 2021 @7pm GMT @dr.ellynhalley

Dr Ellyn Halley is a Doctor of chiropractic who works with women pre-natal and post-partum to help them reach strength goals. She is also a full spectrum doula helping women through the whole of their pregnancy and getting back into exercise after.


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